Blackjack dealer hit on 17

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blackjack dealer hit on 17

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Everywhere I read manuals it focuses my options as a player. I can't figure out if the dealer knows his hidden card or not? Of course, when dealer has 10 or Ace showing, he checks if he's got a blackjack, right? Blackjack dealers have no options for the in-game decisions of whether to hit or stay; they follow a strict algorithm that will depend on the casino. The dealer waits until the players have exercised all their options, then the dealer reveals his hidden card and hits until he has at least 17 most common.
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    The reason the distinction is made between soft and hard hands is that they are played quite differently. For example, a player who is dealt a should always stand whereas a player who is dealt an ace-6 should never stand. In the world of blackjack some casinos require dealers to stand when their hand is a soft 17 designated as s17whereas others require dealers to o soft 17 i.

    You can always tell whether a casino has the soft 17 rule or not by reading the wording on the table layout. What happens to the odds when the soft 17 rule is in effect?

    Usually the dealer will bust more often which is good for the player. The soft 17 rule, therefore, favors the casino not the player. When you are playing, in general you should:.


    A more accurate set of playing strategy modifications that takes into effect the number of decks of cards being used is summarized below. Notice the additional hands that you should surrender with h Unfortunately, the number of casinos that are switching to the soft 17 rule is increasing. Also, just about all the casinos that cater to local players offer only h17 games and ditto for the majority of casinos located in the downtown area. Because even though the casino gains an extra 0.

    Note that the casino edge over a basic strategy player for a single deck game with h17 is only 0. Compare that with the rather high 0.

    blackjack dealer hit on 17

    hit In fact even a h17, 6 deck game with a bunch of added player favorable rules still only makes the game average for basic strategy players by Vegas standards. In northern Nevada most casinos offer single deck games with h17 but they restrict doubling to only hard 10 and The latter is a casino player favorable rule that results in this game having a casino edge of 0.

    For 6 or 8 deck games, given a choice between h17 or s17 game, you are better vlackjack playing a s17 game. The dealer in blackjack has no 'options' about what they do in xealer game, the dealer has a strict set of actions they perform based on what the cards they have are. Blackjack mentioned in the case of a face up ace insurance is offered to the players, in case of a blackjack it is revealed blackjack the hand ends.

    If the hand has dealer ended in blackjack, the players have their turns and then the dealer reveals his second card.

    The dealer dsaler required to hit dealer anything 16 and below, oj must stand on anything 17 and up, no choices to hit anything else like splitting or doubling down they have no bet to double anyways.

    When to hit on 17 in blackjack | Blackjack Tips

    Blackjack some variations it matters if the 17 is hard or soft a soft number is one where the amount includes an ace as 11, so hit ace and a 6 would be a soft 17the variation determines if the dealer must hit or stand on a soft Dwaler now.

    Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What are a blackjack dealer's options? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 77k times. What are the dealer's options? Gregor --reinstate Monica-- 7, 3 3 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 70 70 bronze badges. Gregor --reinstate Monica-- Gregor --reinstate Monica-- 7, 3 3 gold dealer 34 34 silver badges 70 70 bronze badges.

    The dealer has several options when exercising his duties.

    4-Deck to 8-Deck Blackjack Strategy - Wizard of Odds

    His employer wants him to generate as much revenue as possible, which means: Dealing as many hands as possible Giving the players a fun experience, along with some tiny hope that they could get an edge naturally Detecting advantage players card counters and using counter measures to thwart them, without making mistakes such as taking a lucky high roller hit an advantage player Reporting suspicious activities to the pit boss, or not Which gives several options: The dealer can assist the players by adding the total for them.

    Sometimes it can be confusing since aces have potentially two values, or forcing them dealef take a quick decision, even taking oh for them if they are too cealer. Sometimes dealers will interpret conflicting signals to blackjack house advantage, for instance hitting a 15 against a 5. The dealer can reversely act somewhat rudely and give slow players a bad experience so they can either speed up or leave the table for a new and potentially faster player to sit.

    A dealer can assist in giving advice, usually telling the hesitant player "The book says This cards are often flawed and, even boackjack not flawed and played perfectly, the house still has about a. Giving that pleasant experience means the player could win that one time blackjaack come back to lose OR go through as many hands as possible in one hour. Reversely, a dealer who spends too much time fraternizing could get into trouble for not dealing fast enough.

    The Soft 17 Rule in Blackjack

    This one is tricky because not all card counters are easy to detect. In this last case, chances are your player is a high roller.

    May 28,  · In addition to these rules, when you play as the dealer you face additional rules that limit how you can hit or stand. In most casinos, the dealer is required to hit on hands worth less than 17 points, regardless of the cards that make up their hand. Hands worth 17 points, however, can’t be hit on. The only variation I'm familiar with is a rule where the dealer will hit a soft 17 (any 17 with an Ace taking the value denoted "H17" for Hit 17, as opposed to "S17" for Stand 17), but this is not the dealer's choice, it will be determined by the casino. Each game has a rule about whether the dealer must hit or stand on soft 17, which is generally printed on the table surface. The variation where the dealer must hit soft 17 is abbreviated "H17" in blackjack literature, with "S17" used for the stand-on-soft French.

    But in the case he is not, you could be backing off a high roller who enjoys blackjxck tons of money at the table. Suspicious activity could mean bizarre decisions, like double down on 12 usually always reportedsplitting 10s which makes sense when you know the rest of the boot is loaded with 10s and acesdoubling down on 8, etc Again, your player could be a newbie, a high roller who loves living dangerously, or a card counter. Sometimes this decision comes from management, following a string of hits by counters.

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